Bella Class of 2017 | Cincinnati Senior Photographer

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Bella is one of my 2017 Senior Ambassadors. Spoken like a true old family friend, I have known her since she was wee tot. (Remember that one time on the way to Camp Dry Gulch when you got SO MAD in the car… I won’t tell the rest of the story). Needless, to say I love her and her family a whole lot. She’s SO STINKING GORGEOUS!!! Good luck trying to pick your favorites, mama, I had a hard time narrowing them down to blog.

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19 Comments on “Bella Class of 2017 | Cincinnati Senior Photographer”

  1. What a gorgeous girl!!! You’re right, it’s impossible to pick favorites!! I loooove that blue on her in the last set of pictures

  2. Gesshhhh Nat – how do you keep topping yourself! They are all my Favorite! Only God knew that this small lil bald-headed child would turn into such a beauty, and it starts from the inside out, so thank you for capturing this (and Dry Gulch… I’m dying of laughter over that memory)!

  3. Well this is one gorgeous session from the first to last image!! I love how you rock senior sessions – and this is no different!! Beautiful model, awesome light, and shot + edited to perfection!!

  4. Love her style, love the colors and light! She’s a knock out! Good luck Bella!
    As always, your editing is out of this world! Great job!

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