Mila Brooke | 4 weeks | Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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There’s just something about a lifestyle newborn session. Being able to come into your home and capture you as you are in those first few weeks together is so special to me. I wish I had done photographs of my new babes in our home. To remember us as we were, comfortable and cuddly. Lifestyle sessions are a great way to capture your beautiful new family together.

Miss Mila is an absolute doll baby. Can we just talk about her squishy cheeks and her amazing hair?! GAHHHH I’m in love. Usually, I have the hardest time refraining from kissing newborn cheeks. It’s just a natural reaction for me. Thankfully, Sergio and Leah are good friends so I got to smooch those cheeks without restraint. Thanks for letting me cuddle your sweet girl.

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11 Comments on “Mila Brooke | 4 weeks | Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photographer”

  1. What an absolutely beautiful baby girl! That hair! These images are beautiful! I love newborn sessions at home too. These are priceless images of a beautiful family!

  2. What a little doll! She’s so darn pretty. (And so’s their house!) Gorgeous images, Natalie, as always.

  3. Great job Natalie ! Of course you had a perfect subject….lol . My favorite is her holding the teddy bear all are wonderful !

  4. Such a beautiful little addition to our family! I’m looking forward to all the days ahead, that we are going to spend together. I know Mila and Her big cousin Evelynn, will be best friends, ( nothing like having a girl cousin to have fun together),in all the days to come! Love you my sweet pea!

  5. Oh my GOODNESS she’s so GORGEOUS!!! All that hair and those cheeks…perfection! Congrats to this family!!

  6. Beautiful Family! Good to see everyone doing well. I have a gift for Mila. I’ll text you so you can send me your address. Love her with the Teddy Bear.

  7. I’m in love also!! Her hair is amazing and yes I want to squish her cheeks!! These images are perfect! Love every single one and love how well you captured their space along with their family

  8. What a lovely family! I love everyone of these images! What a family treasure these photos will be! Perfection!

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