Justin + Jenny + Jordan | Cincinnati Lifestyle Family Photographer

Well, once again I could not restrain myself from oversharing. I walked up to this beautiful house and met an even more beautiful family inside. When Jenny told me about Jordan, he sounded so much like my Max and I was instantly in love with this sweet, truck-adoring, no pants-wearing, nature-drawn little boy! His parents are absolutely head over heels for this guy and it’s evident in this lifestyle session in their home. I am so honored you allowed me to capture some of your favorite parts of Jordan’s first home.

We found a turtle!! Jordan was so into him.  

Tyler + Heather | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer

As I was walking into Tyler + Heather’s adorable home I noticed a table in the garage. I thought to myself, “I bet they play games out here, I already love them”. Guess what? I was right! At the end of our session I took a few shots of one of their favorite pastimes… Beer Yahtzee! Tyler has the scoring all computerized and they talk a lot of trash, isn’t their love so cute? I can’t stand it!!

Danny + Dani + Graham | Cincinnati Family Photographer

This sweet boy is one already!!? Last Fall I photographed this adorable family, I can’t believe it has been 6 months! See Graham’s 6 month session here.

I’m so not exaggerating when I say, Graham is the happiest little boy I’ve ever photographed. I MAYYYY have over blogged this one because look at all those big grins!!! 

Alex + Morgan | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer

Alex + Morgan are my kind of couple. They’re up for anything! The day of their engagement session was calling for rain all week and Morgan’s response was, “Let’s embrace the rain!” Well, it ended up not being rainy but they did explore a new (kind of muddy) garden, climb over a railing to get to this bridge, and maybe even face some fears about spiders and snakes to get these beautiful shots. Totally worth it!! You guys are amazing and I can’t wait to photograph your big day later this Summer. I can already tell its going to be a chill, go with the flow, kind of day.



Jesse + Jazmine + Baby | Cincinnati Family Photographer

Had you ever met someone that you instantly knew you were going to love? That’s how I felt with Jazmine… friendship at first sight. And I wasn’t wrong. She is one of those people that you could vacation with. You know, how you have lots of friends that you love, and plenty that you’d have a sleepover with, but only a few that you’d want to go on an extended trip with? This girl. And I’m pretty certain my husband feels the same way about Jesse. These are just lovely humans. Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve been mentoring Jazmine! If you’re getting married this year and I’m shooting your wedding chances are, you’ll get to meet her! Unless it’s in October because BABY BOWMAN is coming this fall!! Congratulations, you two I love you both to the moon!

Brett + Madison + Blayke | Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

When a childhood friend (that you haven’t seen in a few decades) has a baby and contacts you for a session it’s going to be great… I promise. Can we just talk about how wonderful they are? Brett came out to my car with an umbrella to help me with my gear, that’s NEVER happened! Madison is probably the sweetest human I’ve ever met. This adorable little lady has got some awesome parents who totally adore her. Thanks for inviting me to your lovely home to photograph your beautiful Miss Blayke.

Chris + Ana | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Wedding number one for 2017 and it was perfect!!! A morning wedding that involves coffee + (more importantly) doughnuts? Count me in!! I tend to get a little teary eyed at most weddings, and this one did not disappoint. BOTH of the dad speeches had me holding back some real tears. Days when the Gospel is preached, breakfast is shared, and love just exudes from every single person involved… these are my favorite kind of days. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day, I love your love for each other and for Jesus.


Erik + Kristin + Ella | Cincinnati Family Photographer

When a fellow photographer contacts you to shoot their family it is always a privilege. Kristin found me through google and google hates me. I’m so incredibly honored that she scoured the internet and then trusted me with her adorable little family. It was so great to meet all three of you, Ella is an absolute doll baby! Ps. I might have to buy that blue floral shirt!!