Jalon | Cincinnati Senior Photographer OTR

Jalon’s little brother, Jonas is in my daughter’s class at school. The first time I met this family I did that weird thing that all photographer’s do and thought to myself, “Is it creepy to ask this gorgeous family if I can photograph them?” I refrained because I think it’s awkward. So, when Bekah reached out to me to take Jalon’s senior photos and a few family photos I was elated!! I mean, seriously, how is every single person in this family so stinking beautiful? To top it off they are all so sweet and polite.

Jalon absolutely rocked his session with none of the usual guy’s senior photo awkwardness. GQ, much?

Tyler + Ashley | Rhinegeist Cincinnati Wedding Photographer


Yeaahhhhh, I tried really hard to narrow this down to fewer images but it’s SO HARD when you have a day as beautiful as this one. When my husband and I were youth pastors Ashley was in our youth group. Ashley was one of the only kids we were privileged to have in the youth group for all 6 years. She has always been hilarious, hard-working, and caring. I was so honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding & my husband to officiate. (heyyy hottie husband).

We love you guys so much! Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your day.

Tyler Lee | Cincinnati Birth Photographer | UC West Chester

Births are amazing. I am honestly never more honored than when a family trusts me to be involved in this; one of the most intimate, beautiful, and life-changing moments. Anna was such a sweet, joyful, and strong mama and Brian was an incredible supporter. Tyler’s birth was so peaceful and beautiful, I would be ecstatic to photograph 100 more just like it. Congratulations, you two. Tyler is perfect + so loved already.

Jesse + Jazmine + Jace | Cincinnati Family Photographer

There are people in your life that you quickly realize are “your people” when you meet them. These are my people. Compared to the 33 years of my life, I haven’t even known them at long. (3 years) But it seems like forever. I loved the two of them so much already but THEN they brought this sweet little guy into the world and their family just grew more precious to me. I am so hyped to shoot a BUNCH of weddings with Jaz this year and to go exploring Havasu Falls with them next year!! IT’S GONNA BE SO FUNNNNN!! Love you bunches, fam.

Ps. How did she just have a baby 6 months ago?? Holy smoking hot friend!

Grace + Hannah | Cincinnati Senior Photographer

My niece Grace and her friend Hannah are my 2018 Senior Ambassadors. We went exploring up at Houston Woods and OH MY GOODNESS everything was so perfect. The light, the beach, the “BOATS, BOATS, BOATS”. These ladies are both absolute beauties inside and out. I’m praying for you both, that you have an amazing senior year and God shows you what your next step is. I can’t wait to see His big plan for both of your lives.


Hair + Make Up Artist: The amazing Sarah Crain Designs

Wardrobe: Trend Boutique


Scott + Erika | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

I have been looking forward to this wedding for over a year, not just because I knew it would be beautiful but because of these two humans. Scott + Erika. I’m at a loss for words because its hard to explain what they mean to me. You see, they are two of the most genuine, Jesus-loving people I know. They’ve sacrificed their own desires to glorify King Jesus. I’m not saying I was crying behind my camera during their handwritten vows, but I’m not saying I wasn’t either. I MIIIGHT have even cried when Studio 58 Media released their video a few days ago too. If you’d like to see more of their sweet, adorable, realest love you can check out their engagement session here.




Planner/Designer: J Barry Designs

Venue: Pinecroft

Cake: A Spoon Fulla Sugar

Caterer: Funky’s Catering

Videographer: Studio 58 Media

Photographer: Veritas Studio

Florals: J Barry Designs

Band: Soul Pocket

Wedding Gown Designer: Hayley Paige at Twirl Boutique

Bridesmaids Gowns: Watters

Tuxedos: Peppe Ramundo


Jake + Jade + Baby | Cincinnati Maternity Photographer

I actually GASPED while editing this session. Can we talk about how stunning this momma-to-be is? It helps that I love her to pieces. Jade was in our youth group many moons ago and now she’s a wife and a momma. It makes my heart happy to see her so happy. Jake and Jade make each other laugh a lot, I’m betting Joseph is going to have the BEST little personality. I can’t wait to see this sweet boy’s face in a few months.

Ps. Who actually looks this good while pregnant?! SHESH!

Chris + Ana | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Wedding number one for 2017 and it was perfect!!! A morning wedding that involves coffee + (more importantly) doughnuts? Count me in!! I tend to get a little teary eyed at most weddings, and this one did not disappoint. BOTH of the dad speeches had me holding back some real tears. Days when the Gospel is preached, breakfast is shared, and love just exudes from every single person involved… these are my favorite kind of days. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day, I love your love for each other and for Jesus.