Jillian Class of 2019 | Taft Art Museum Senior Photographer

It’s so great when your clients trust you completely! I’ve been suggesting this location to clients left an right and finally got someone to tae me up on the offer! The Taft Art Museum has a crazy cool lawn installment by artist, Patrick Dougherty. I totally dig how these turned out, it helps that Jillian is stunning and so incredibly sweet! I can’t wait to see more of your adventures (hopefully to Australia!) next year.

Kylie | Cincinnati Senior Photographer French Park

Kylie’s mom paid me the biggest compliment by asking me to photographer her daughter’s senior photos. You see, Tara is also a photographer and totally could have done them herself. Instead, she trusted me and enjoyed the day! It means the world to me when others this business ask me to capture their memories.

Now on to Kylie…Hello BEAUTIFUL!! Not only is she gorgeous but she’s so sweet and totally down for anything. She never batted an eye at the crazy things I asked her to do or even at the fact that it was misting/raining through our whole session. To be 18 again and look this fabulous amidst the rain. You two were the best! Thanks for being such troopers.

Jalon | Cincinnati Senior Photographer OTR

Jalon’s little brother, Jonas is in my daughter’s class at school. The first time I met this family I did that weird thing that all photographer’s do and thought to myself, “Is it creepy to ask this gorgeous family if I can photograph them?” I refrained because I think it’s awkward. So, when Bekah reached out to me to take Jalon’s senior photos and a few family photos I was elated!! I mean, seriously, how is every single person in this family so stinking beautiful? To top it off they are all so sweet and polite.

Jalon absolutely rocked his session with none of the usual guy’s senior photo awkwardness. GQ, much?

Maggie | Senior Photographer | Downtown Cincinnati OTR

It was such a privilege to hang out with Maggie (along with her mom and sister) last week. All three of them are so sweet and down for anything! We headed downtown for some fun shots around Cincinnati. I adore taking senior portraits in OTR, I always find new spots + I enjoy revisiting ones that have always produced great light! WOWZA!! Isn’t Maggie beautiful?

HMUA: Sarah Crain Designs

Gracie | Glacier National Park Senior Session

Gracie Anna is my husband’s cousin. We haven’t seen this sweet girl since she was TWO! She has grown into a beautiful, caring, animal-adoring human. She is was so great and patient with my kids. They were full of questions about everything and were sure they had found a great new friend. It was great to see you again, Grace and hopefully you’ll come visit us soon! We miss you already.

Side note, Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I would argue, one of the most beautiful places in our country.

Emma Belle | Cincinnati Senior Photographer

Emma is my cousin’s daughter, but I like to think of her & her sister as my “bonus nieces”. I called Emma and told her about the hot air balloon festival at Coney Island and asked her what she thought about doing senior pictures during it. She was down for anything and I think her adorable, eclectic style was completely PERFECT for this. Thanks for making my vision come to life with your fierce modeling skills, Emma. Love youuuuu!

Hannah Class of 2018 | Cincinnati Senior Photographer

I met Hannah last year at my senior ambassador photo shoot. My niece Grace, and Hannah are good friends, they are both graduating this Fall! (Whhattt? I’m getting old.) I adore this sweet, artsy, free-spirited girl. You can’t help but smile when you’re around her. She’s full of joy and SO STINKING ADORABLE!! As you’ll see by the last picture, she comes by her beauty honestly. It was so fun to hang out with you both and I can’t wait to see how Jesus uses you in this next part of your life.