Casey + Shannon | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer Rowe Arboretum

Casey + Shannon are absolutely adorable. They were worried they would look awkward in their photos (aren’t we all?) but look how CUUUUTTTEEEE they are! I also realized how much I say the word, “cute” during engagement sessions. It’s a lot but it’s always true. I love love, so I’m thinking I picked the right profession. I can’t wait to capture your wedding next year, you two!

Alex + Olivia | French Park Cincinnati Photographer

Uhhhhh ok you two, just so much cute.

Olivia said at the beginning of our session that Alex wasn’t too sure about engagement photos but, can we just pause a second and say, HE WAS THE CUTEST! So sweet and totally down for all of my interactive prompts. Usually guys look at me like I’m totally ridiculous when I tell them things like, “Ok, let’s do a piggy back ride but run towards me”… and then I yell, “OK SPIN SPIN!!!” but Alex was down for it all. And then let’s add the completely gorgeous Olivia on top of that, along with the best sunset I’ve had in weeks and you’ve got yourself a perfect engagement session with an amazing couple. If this is any indication of your wedding next year, it’s going to be THE BEST!!


Sean + Lindsey | Alms Park Engagement Photographer

Sean + Lindsey came down from Wisconsin for their engagement photos and they said it has been SO COLD and snowy in Wisconsin already. They ended up with one of the most gorgeous evenings we have had in Cincinnati in a long time. With all the rain and clouds we have had lately this stunning sunset was a welcome change of pace.

Also, how adorable is their love? If you ever wonder how I get natural reactions, let’s just say their session involved talk of mustard and hot tubs (not together, that’s weird).


Nick + Sydney | Cincinnati Rainy Engagement Session

Sydney said to me in the middle of this session, “How does everyone look so perfect in these? We’re so awkward!” WUT?? You are not only gorgeous (hello legs for days) but you guys totally rocked this rainy, overcast day like there’s no tomorrow. Nick + Sydney are totally adorable together, add in their daughter Riley and you’ve basically got the cutest family on earth. I cannot wait for your wedding next year, it’s going to be STUNNING!!


Nick + Stef | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer Roebling Bridge

What did I tell you last week about my 2019 couples? ADORABLE!! We had so much fun downtown Cincinnati last week… running out into traffic and dancing in front of random restaurants. Nick + Stef were down for anything, even laying in grass with tons of people walking by telling them how cute they were. Cincinnati is always good for that! If you’re ever in need of encouragement just dress up and take a photographer with you in OTR, people will infallibly stop to tell you how awesome you look! Our city is the greatest and so are these two. I’m so excited to hang out with you guys again and capture your beautiful wedding next October.


Tyler + Maggie | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer | Alms Park

Couples like Tyler + Maggie are why I’m SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED for my 2019 weddings. I’m telling you it’s going to be an epic year. They trudged through waist high ivy, endured about a million mosquito bites, and didn’t mind getting soaked for these photos. Literally down for anything! And we laughed so much! I adore my job and getting to meet new people all of the time. I can’t wait to party with you guys next year on your BIG DAY!

Josiah + Bethany | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer

There are a lot of words to be said here. I want to save some of my extreme sentiment for the wedding blog post but here’s what you should know: Bethany is my niece. My oldest niece. I was 13 when she was born so I was prime babysitting age for her and her brother. They even lived with us for a little while when I was a teenager. Basically it boils down to this: we’re close. I feel incredibly protective of her so when she told me she was going to marry Josiah I wasn’t ready for it. (She’s 2 years older than I was when I got married, she was ready… I just wasn’t). But then this boy started coming around and the more I’ve gotten to know him, the more I love him. I’m excited to capture your wedding day but even more excited to do life beside you guys and see where Jesus takes you.

Ps. Stop being the cutest humans on the planet. Enough, already!


Zach + Jenesis | Cincinnati Family Photographer

A little over a year ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a gathering of Cincinnati creatives through The Rising Tide. I’m so incredibly glad I did. That night I met so many talented and beautiful people. One of them was Jenesis. She is the artist behind Pied Paper Goods and she’s one of the kindest humans I’ve met. Zach, Jenesis, and a few other friends also opened up an AMAZING coffee shop in my neighborhood last year called Brick Coffee. (Go check it out, it’s seriously YUM!). Just to round off all the things on their plate; he’s a teacher, she’s a nanny and a worship pastor. Seriously guys, way to make us all seem totally lazy. And if you talk to either one of them they are willing to sacrifice what little time they have left to love on other people. Thank you both for being a great example of the sacrificial love of Christ. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!


Ryan + Beth | Jamaica Wedding Photographer

Ryan + Beth renewed their vows in Jamaica and celebrated 10 years of marriage. Couples Resorts was so great to work with and did a beautiful job setting up the ceremony and a little reception for the 4 of us. Ryan + Beth asked us to stand next to the during the ceremony so all of these shots were right after. As I said last week, I didn’t expect to cry but I totally teared up (and Ryan called me out on it) during their vows. They’ve faced quite a few difficulties in the last 10 years and it has been such and encouragement to me to see them walk through it all with grace and trust in God. I love you both so much!


Zach + Katelin | Cincinnati Engagement Photography

Zach + Katelin are getting married at The Manor House this Fall and, if their engagement session is any indication of their wedding day, it’s going to be full of love and laughter. Sure, they were probably laughing at me most of the session but I’ll be there to make them say awkward things on their wedding day too. (Whisper your favorite sandwich topping in her ear, is one of my favorites).