Bradley + Hillary | Honeysuckle Ranch | Ohio Wedding Photographer

The Hensley Family is absolutely precious. I have photographed several family member’s weddings, including Hillary’s sister. And Bradley fits right in among this sweet-natured, hilarious, down for anything family. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day. Congratulations Mr. + Mrs. Davis.



  • The Honeysuckle Ranch
  • David’s Bridal
  • David’s Bridal
  • Joseph A. Bank
  • Big T’s BBQ
  • A Spoon Fulla Sugar
  • Kristen Christopher & Katie Watson
  • Jeff Hill/ Derek Sims
  • Jonathan Klein “JM Entertainment”


Nick + Andrea + Noah + Neve | Cincinnati Family Photographer

I swear I don’t order my families from a model catalog. I know I say this a lot but this family is crazy beautiful!! I had so much fun playing with Noah. His mom and dad are clearly smitten with this sweet, funny, playful little guy. I can’t wait to meet miss Neve next year. Sweetest little family ever.


Zach + Katelin | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer | The Manor House

Zach + Katelin may seem a little shy when you first meet them but just you wait until they cut loose on the dance floor! This beautiful wedding was unique (HELLO geodes + traditional German dances) and so lovely. We had so much fun hanging out with all of you, thank you again for trusting us to capture all the hard work and love you poured into your big day.


  • Manor House
  • Essesnce of Australia
  • Wendy’s Bridal
  • Azazie
  • Azazie
  • Peppe Ramundo
  • Glendale Florist (Beth lauter) [email protected]
  • Manor House
  • A Spoon Fulla Sugar
  • Hair Stylist: Alicia Bryant
  • Flawless Hair and Makeup (artist: Adele)
  • Genesis Diamonds
  • Jonathan Klein

Kylie | Cincinnati Senior Photographer French Park

Kylie’s mom paid me the biggest compliment by asking me to photographer her daughter’s senior photos. You see, Tara is also a photographer and totally could have done them herself. Instead, she trusted me and enjoyed the day! It means the world to me when others this business ask me to capture their memories.

Now on to Kylie…Hello BEAUTIFUL!! Not only is she gorgeous but she’s so sweet and totally down for anything. She never batted an eye at the crazy things I asked her to do or even at the fact that it was misting/raining through our whole session. To be 18 again and look this fabulous amidst the rain. You two were the best! Thanks for being such troopers.

Nick + Stef | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer Roebling Bridge

What did I tell you last week about my 2019 couples? ADORABLE!! We had so much fun downtown Cincinnati last week… running out into traffic and dancing in front of random restaurants. Nick + Stef were down for anything, even laying in grass with tons of people walking by telling them how cute they were. Cincinnati is always good for that! If you’re ever in need of encouragement just dress up and take a photographer with you in OTR, people will infallibly stop to tell you how awesome you look! Our city is the greatest and so are these two. I’m so excited to hang out with you guys again and capture your beautiful wedding next October.


Tyler + Maggie | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer | Alms Park

Couples like Tyler + Maggie are why I’m SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED for my 2019 weddings. I’m telling you it’s going to be an epic year. They trudged through waist high ivy, endured about a million mosquito bites, and didn’t mind getting soaked for these photos. Literally down for anything! And we laughed so much! I adore my job and getting to meet new people all of the time. I can’t wait to party with you guys next year on your BIG DAY!

Jalon | Cincinnati Senior Photographer OTR

Jalon’s little brother, Jonas is in my daughter’s class at school. The first time I met this family I did that weird thing that all photographer’s do and thought to myself, “Is it creepy to ask this gorgeous family if I can photograph them?” I refrained because I think it’s awkward. So, when Bekah reached out to me to take Jalon’s senior photos and a few family photos I was elated!! I mean, seriously, how is every single person in this family so stinking beautiful? To top it off they are all so sweet and polite.

Jalon absolutely rocked his session with none of the usual guy’s senior photo awkwardness. GQ, much?