Huckleberry Fox | Cincinnati Birth Photographer

Oh hey there. It’s been EXTREMELY quiet around here. As in, I haven’t blogged since December! Honestly, it was a much needed break. But, there is nothing like a birth to bring me out of blog-retirement! People often ask me what my favorite thing to photograph is and my answer doesn’t change… births + weddings. Don’t get me wrong, families, seniors, and engagements are so much fun too but there is something about capturing these life-changing, high-stakes, unable to redo moments that just makes me smile from ear to ear with joy.


John + Emma have been waiting for this little miracle baby for 3.5 years. Needless to say, there was not a dry eye in the room (including mine).

Gwen | Cincinnati Family Photographer

Miss Gwen is turning one! How is that remotely possible? This sweet tiny babe that I took photos of in the hospital hours after she was born is almost one? This last year has just flown by. You know, I never understood the saying, “The days are long but the years are short” until I became a mother. Cherish these sweet moments, friends. Before you know it you’re kids will be in school and you’ll be wondering where your babies went.

Joe + Sam + Raylynn + Logan | Glenwood Gardens Family Photographer

Joe + Sam are a beautiful example of Christ. They have been fostering these two sweet babies for quite some time and now they are in the process of adopting Raylynn! If you notice, there are a few photos without sweet Logan in them it’s because they don’t usually share little man’s face on their social media and they wanted a few of Miss Raylynn when their adoption is finalized. I am so incredibly excited for them as well as inspired by + in awe of the love of Jesus that flows through this beautiful family. Congratulations Muhlberg family!! I’m so excited for what lies ahead for all of you.

Nick + Andrea + Noah + Neve | Cincinnati Family Photographer

I swear I don’t order my families from a model catalog. I know I say this a lot but this family is crazy beautiful!! I had so much fun playing with Noah. His mom and dad are clearly smitten with this sweet, funny, playful little guy. I can’t wait to meet miss Neve next year. Sweetest little family ever.


Jalon | Cincinnati Senior Photographer OTR

Jalon’s little brother, Jonas is in my daughter’s class at school. The first time I met this family I did that weird thing that all photographer’s do and thought to myself, “Is it creepy to ask this gorgeous family if I can photograph them?” I refrained because I think it’s awkward. So, when Bekah reached out to me to take Jalon’s senior photos and a few family photos I was elated!! I mean, seriously, how is every single person in this family so stinking beautiful? To top it off they are all so sweet and polite.

Jalon absolutely rocked his session with none of the usual guy’s senior photo awkwardness. GQ, much?

Matt + Libby + Theo | Cincinnati Family Photographer | The Marmalade Lily

I would be totally offended if you tried to argue with me about the fact that these three are the most gorgeous family ever. I mean HOLY COW, they look like they belong in a GAP ad. Also, they happen to be so stinking sweet and genuinely fun to hang out with.

Libby and her parents run The Marmalade Lily, a GORGOEUS wedding + event venue just outside of Cincinnati. It also has tons of wildflowers and they host U-cut events! Needless to say I was completely stoked on the idea of shooting their family session there and it turned out perfect! (Shameless plug… if you are getting married at Marmalade Lily I totally want to photograph your wedding!)

Thank you for sending me home with some beautiful, fresh blooms. Libby, you’re the sweetest!

Jonathan + Kelly + Quinn + Emilia | Cincinnati Family Photographer Washington Park

Let’s just put this out there… a stormy day (hello lightning during our session!) + a teething 1 year old + a high energy, TONS OF FUN little guy does not always equal a great session. But let me tell you, I ADORE these images. They are real and they are full of interaction and energy. We succeeded in getting some great family photos and portraits of Emmy for her 1st birthday shoot and then she pretty much decided she was over it. So, we went with the flow! Whatever Emilia and Quinn wanted to do, I captured it. And I think Jon + Kelly will look back on these photos and remember them exactly as they were at this age, and THAT, my friends, is my ultimate goal. To take you back to this exact day; how it felt, how it sounded, and the love that surrounded you.


Someone please tell me if this isn’t the best meme-worth photo ever?