Andrew Alan BIRTHday | Cincinnati Birth Photographer


Andrew is baby number four for Kris + Jamie and the only boy! The last two labors were only 3 hours each so when Jamie called I hurried off to the hospital. Well, through a series of delays, and because Andrew was sunny side up, his stubborn little self took 27 hours to make his arrival! We had so much fun during the whole waiting process, as you’ll see below. I believe the second picture is a reaction to talking about breast feeding with Jamie, her mom, and Kris. Welcome to an amazing family, Andrew Alan!

At this point during labor we knew Andrew was facing up and his heart rate was dropping a bit more than they wanted. We knew if something didn’t change soon the doctor was likely to recommend a C-section. I started praying behind my camera, looked over to see Kris and Carlene doing the same.

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