Grace + Hannah | Cincinnati Senior Photographer

My niece Grace and her friend Hannah are my 2018 Senior Ambassadors. We went exploring up at Houston Woods and OH MY GOODNESS everything was so perfect. The light, the beach, the “BOATS, BOATS, BOATS”. These ladies are both absolute beauties inside and out. I’m praying for you both, that you have an amazing senior year and God shows you what your next step is. I can’t wait to see His big plan for both of your lives.


Hair + Make Up Artist: The amazing Sarah Crain Designs

Wardrobe: Trend Boutique


7 Replies to “Grace + Hannah | Cincinnati Senior Photographer”

  1. HOW CAN A PERSON EVEN CHOOSE A FAVORITE? It is impossible. These are ALL favorites! You did a perfect job capturing these beauties. (Do they know hoe photogenic they are?) I am dying over the locations, too. WAY to GO!

  2. WHAT. These two are incredibly gorgeous!! Wow. Amazing images. I love your senior pics!

  3. When did seniors get so beautiful? I know I sure didn’t look like this when I was 17! Man oh man what a gorgeous set of images. High fives all around!

  4. Woah, these two girls are so gorgeous!! I love that they chose to do these together, I wish I had done this with my best friend. Amazing work!!

  5. OH MY GOSH! So good. So, so good! These ladies are crazy beautiful. Perfect everything! Outfits. Hair. Smiles. Lighting. Locations. Posing. EVERYTHING. I’m in love with it all.

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