Josiah + Bethany | Pyramid Hill Ohio Photographer


The hardest part about this blog post was coming up with the right words to display how special these two are to me. I shared a little bit on their engagement post but here we go…

Bethany is a beautiful, smart, talented, creative and determined woman. She loves Jesus with all her heart and has done some incredible things for Him already at the age of 20. Ever since she was a very little girl, she has been an amazing giver. She started buying our whole (large) family Christmas gifts with her own money when she was in elementary school. She travelled for 9 months with The World Race to tell others about Jesus. And she has worked tirelessly for the last year volunteering with a women’s ministry in Cincinnati while running a coffee shop that donated funds to help women in sex trafficking. What I’m trying to say is, she is beautiful inside and out. She’s one of the most selfless people I know. I look up to her. She inspires me to be more like Jesus.

Josiah is funny, kind, so intelligent and a deep feeler. He has a passion for Christ that is so beautiful and bold. He stops in the grocery to share the Gospel with anyone who will listen. Josiah leans on Christ to be his strength when things are hard. He works hard and loves people deeply. He also has a heart for missions and has gone to many countries to spread tell people about the love of Jesus.

Together, these two are going to be unstoppable. I can honestly say I can’t begin to image how they are going to change the world. I love you both so much!