Ellie Mae {6 days}

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When Gabrielle and her sweet momma showed up with Ellie Mae they assured me, โ€œAll she wants to do is sleep.โ€ It never fails, whenever a baby is an amazing sleeper they fight me so hard. Ellie definitely had an opinion about when she was going to sleep and how she was going to sleep. Sweet girl finally gave up and gave us some amazing shots! This family has a special place in my heart and I will love them forever. Gabby & her husband Austin met MMANNNY years ago when they were just young teenagers in a youth group that my husband and I pastored. Little did they know that life would bring them to this beautiful place. Congratulations on that sweet little chunkinโ€™.

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21 Comments on “Ellie Mae {6 days}”

  1. I love the colors in that first image! Such sweet, peaceful portraits. Great job showing how beautiful life is.

  2. What a sweetheart!! I love all of these, so special ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job! (PS – I love that headband in the first shot also! I’m a big fan of the felt flowers!)

  3. Perfect Baby + Perfect Photographer = Perfect Pictures! These made me smile so big! And cry so happy (esp. the capture of my baby with her baby)! You produce pictures that look effortless, however, I know how hard you work while being oh so patient (but I hope getting some baby kisses in between was worth it) for the perfect shot.

  4. Ellie Mae is my beautiful great niece. She truly is a beautiful baby and these photos are outstanding. You did a wonderful job! โค

  5. You excel at those newborns! These shots are perfect – love them all! Ellie is just the cuuuuutttest

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